About me

Hi there!

I am Julia. I am in my early thirties and I spent most of my life in Poland. It was fun, but something was missing…  That “something” I have found in Copenhagen, where I left my heart. I moved here 2 years ago with the love of my life Krzyś. Oh, and my cat!

Traveling is my passion. I think that my parents had a great impact on why I love to travel so much. Throughout my childhood they had been taking me to the very farthest corners of Europe. Most of the time we were traveling by car. That is probably why, to this day ‘road trips’ are my favorite way to travel. I am always taking a trip with my ‘partner in crime’ and best friend Krzysiek. We are independent travelers. We plan our trips ourselves, which gives us freedom. Imagine – you wake up and you do what you want and where you want!  Beyond the traditional ‘must-sees’, we look for off the beaten path activities – hidden attractions and unusual things to do. All to get the most out of our journey, to see the most beautiful places in the world and to learn something new. So far I have visited 26 countries and I’m just getting started!

I love traveling. I also like photography and a few other things. However, those first two passions, I am trying to connect for some time now. I wanted to, somehow, share not only the photos with the world, but also to share my progress in photography over the years. Let’s face it – yes, I’m an amateur, but I put a lot of effort and my heart into it. And yes, it is something, that makes me happy.

And that’s how, the idea, of ​​creating a travel blog, was born. Maybe more photo blog, because writing has never been my strong suit, and I am certainly not like George R.R. Martin 😉 What You can expect, is  a fair amount of photos, useful travel tips and some stories from the smallest ‘city breaks’ to bigger ‘road trips’. Maybe you will find here an inspiration for your next vacation!



For more go to: www.juliapylak.com