Abandoned Places

Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints …

Urban exploration, shortened as urbex,  in practice means exploration of abandoned man-made structures, that are difficult to reach.

I can`t  quite say, what fascinates me the most in abandoned ruins. In the beginning it was just a pure curiosity. There is a whole strategy, when you`re figuring how to get inside. And after that, you are trying to put together a story of these mysterious places. Probably every explorer wonders: what exactly happened here? Why someone suddenly walked off and left everything? Why are these items still here and what were they for?

Curiosity then turned into some kind of satisfaction in seeing something, that most will not dare to venture to. For me abandoned buildings offer privacy. They are also a “real-life” horror movie locations. They can be dirty, obscure and forgotten, but they gives me a rush of adrenaline. And although they are creepy, they are both so damn beautiful and exceptionally “photogenic”!

Whether through natural disasters, financial crises or simply neglect, the world is full of deserted buildings, forgotten by time. I hope, I will reach as many of them as possible. And in this category, I will try to capture the magic of emptiness of these places.