Europe’s Summits

30th birthday is for many a very special moment. It represents a milestone marker for all the expectations that people have. So they`re sitting, thinking where they are in their lives and verifying things, that they have or haven`t accomplished. When I turned 30, I did not such summaries. Instead of that, I decided to set some goals, that I intend to achieve over the next 30 years, to make them more special. So I have plenty of time!

One of them is to complete the so-called Europe`s Summits. It was actually hard for me to translate and find the equivalent name in English. There is a “Seven Summits” challenge. And by analogy to that, the “Europe`s Summits” was created. It is a list of the highest  peaks of each state on the continent of Europe. And it will have a separate category on my blog.

Mountains hold a special place in my heart. There is something magical in them. You feel exhausted, while climbing to the top, but yet, you desire to challenge yourself and go further and higher… And with every step you take, you feel a great deal of psychic relief. Not to mention a breathtaking views!

Fixing a list seems trivial at first. Unfortunately, different sources include lots of variations. There are some territorial disputes and inconsistencies, fx. whether Caucasus range (with mount Elbrus) lie in Asia or Europe. Nevertheless, it will be a very interesting challenge and I intend to achieve it. I`ve already climbed couple of them, but I want to start from a scratch.  So, there are at least 46 summits and not all of them are mountains. Some are simply hills, so in terms of “climbing” it is definitely not a big deal. But it will be a fun adventure and I will enjoy it, while ticking off the next point from the list! Then we`ll see what`s next…

Below you can see the list, that takes into account the summits within the boundaries set by the International Geographic Union.

Rank Country Height Mountain Date of ascent
1 France 4810 Mont Blanc
2 Italy 4748 Mont Blanc de Courmayeur
3 Switzerland 4634 Dufourspitze
4 Austria 3798 Großglockner
5 Spain 3479 Mulhacén
6 Germany 2962 Zugspitze
7 Andorra 2942 Pic de Coma Pedrosa
8 Bulgaria 2925 Musala
9 Greece 2918 Mitikas
10 Slovenia 2864 Triglav
11 Albania,
2764 Korab
12 Kosovo 2656 Djeravica
13 Slovakia 2655 Gerlachovský štít
14 Liechtenstein 2599 Grauspitz
15 Romania 2544 Moldoveanu
16 Montenegro 2534 Zla Kolata
17 Poland 2499 Rysy
18 Norway 2469 Galdhøpiggen
19 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2386 Maglić
20 Portugal 2351 Pico
21 Serbia 2169 Midžor
22 Sweden 2111 Kebnekaise
23 Iceland 2110 Hvannadalshnúkur
24 Ukraine 2061 Howerla
25 Russia 1895,
26 Croatia 1831 Vrh Dinare
27 Czech Republic 1603 Sněžka
28 Great Britain 1344 Ben Nevis
29 Finland 1324 Haltiatunturi
30 Ireland 1038 Carrantuohill
31 Turkey 1031 Mahya Dağı
32 Hungary 1014 Kékes
33 Denmark 880,
Yding Skovhøj
34 San Marino 739 Monte Titano
35 Belgium 694 Signal de Botrange
36 Luksemburg 560 Kneiff
37 Kazakhstan 509 No name
38 Moldova 428 Dealul Bălăneşti
39 Belarus 345 Dzyarzhynskaya Hara
40 Netherlands 322 Vaalserberg
41 Estonia 318 Suur Munamägi
42 Latvia 312 Gaiziņkalns
43 Lithuania 294 Aukštojas Hill
44 Malta 253 Ta’ Dmejrek
45 Monaco 161 Chemin des Révoires
46 Vatikan 75 Vatican Hill

Source: Wikipedia