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Yding Skovhøj – first stop on my Europe`s Summits list

Denmark is flat like a pancake, they say…  well, they are right!  However, this lowland country has a lot of problematic issues, when it comes to determining the highest point. We can talk about three summits and it`s without the Carlsberg Hill, that I need to deal with every day, while biking 😉

The first one is Gunnbjørns Fjeld at 3694 m above sea level. It is Greenland`s highest point. Despite the fact that, Greenland is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, it is a part of continent of North America, so I will leave that topic aside for a while.

To complete the Europe`s Summits, I will need to reach the other two peaks – Slættaratindur and Yding Skovhøj. The first one is located in the Faroe Islands. Again – it is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, related culturally and historically. So if we consider the dependent territories, it will be Denmark`s highest point, but I will deal with it a bit later.

Yding Skovhøj – is officially recognized highest point of Denmark. For logistical reasons, this is also the first hill I can tick off the list! It`s height is 172,54 m, including the Bronze Age burial built on the top. The hill itself (without a man-made structure) has 170.77 m, so it is slightly lower than Møllehøj (170.86 m), located 3 km further. Both “summits” are definitely not high, and you can simply miss them, if you don`t know what and where you are looking for. Also – you can only dream about spectacular mountain views here, but it is definitely an interesting alternative to spend a day outside the city!



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  1. Yuliya Grytsenko

    10/06/2017 at 07:46

    Great start! Looking forward to more posts and more amazing pictures!

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